In Marco’s app, you can be either Host or Guest.
As a Host You can update your calendar, prices and confirm your listing is accurate; When you're ready, you open your property for bookings. So that You can present your place on the Marco application and get paid by Cryptocurrencies.
As a guest there are endless offer reservation options in Marco to guests. You will be able to use the app to rent the places you like, such as a house or apartment.


1 Can I cancel a reservation as a Host?
The host can activate or deactivate his rented house, but to deactivate it, he must assign the reservations formed.
Editing a rental home, like adding it, all steps can be changed and changes can be registered without the need for Marco's approval.
Also, the host can activate/deactivate the rented house by changing the status of the house.
Can I cancel a paid reservation as a Host?
The host can also cancel the reservation after the user pays, so the cost is fully refunded to the user's account.
Where can I find reservation request in Marco app as a Host?
The host can view all booking requests sent by users in the Most recent order. Reservations are divided into 4 categories:

  • Approved: A reservation request approved by the host and ready to be paid by the user.
  • Canceled: Canceled reservation.
  • Booked: A reservation paid by the user and the reservation process is completed.
  • Pending: A reservation request that has not yet been approved by the host.

4 What information do I need to register my place as a Host?
Step 1: The host first sets down the exact location of the house.
Step 2: The host determines the maximum number of people who can be present along with the number of rooms and beds in the house.
Step 3: The host determines the type of house (apartment/villa).
Step 4: The type of beds in each room (double/single) should be determined.
Step 5: The host add images of their rented house and the first image is set as the default image.
Step 6: The host enters the title of their rental home along with its keywords.
Step 7: The host must specify the price of the rental house per night, the price on the weekends, the amount of time that the user has to pay for their booking and the minimum day that the house can be booked.
Step 8: The host identifies the days when the house is not rentable.
Step 9: The host determines the amount of the sanction for cancellation by the user. The sanction is such that by specifying the number of days and the percentage before the start date of the reservation, it is determined that by canceling during this period, a percentage will be paid to the host as compensation.
Step 10: The host sets the rules that allow it to unilaterally cancel a reservation.
Step 11: The host mentions the rules and regulations of the house.
Step 12: The host can create challenges for his rented house (such as creating a post) and the guests can view and accept these challenges and participate in them by posting.


1 Can I cancel a reservation as a Guest?
The user can cancel the reservation request approved by the host.
It should be noted that this cancellation does not incur any sanction.
Also, if the user does not pay the reservation request within the specified time period (from the host), the request will be canceled automatically..
2 Can I cancel a paid reservation as a Guest?
The user can cancel the paid reservation.
It should be noted that if the user cancels the reservation at an unauthorized time (specified by the host), it will be fine.
Rules and percentage of fines are specified by the host.
After calculating the sanction, some of the amount paid for the reservation will be transferred to the host's account and the rest will be returned to the user's account.