Rent with Marco and Enjoy the Journey

Have you been buying and Hodling Marco? Now it’s time to use them. From now on you can pay for your bookings with Marco. You can use Marco to travel and book accommodations at your desired destinations.

What is Marco (MRC)?

Marco token (MRC) is hosted by Binance Smart Chain, and its sole purpose is to function as a form of currency, storing value over time and allowing businesses to account for and pay for services. MRC is a functional utility token and a digitally encrypted virtual currency that is used as a unit of exchange on Marco.
The Marco.Travel platform’s native cryptocurrency, MRC token, is at the core of both current and future use cases pursued by Marco.Travel. With MRC, the desire to use Marco.Travel grows even greater because it offers additional benefits and increased user interaction.

Why Marco?

Marco can be used not only to incentivize content, but also as a means of trade for actual products and services, as well as a variety of other use-cases that ecosystem participants can come up with. MRC is the ecosystem's currency, which can be used by travel companies and third-party developers.
How to Make Payments in Marco Application with Marco?
In Marco application, users can be registered as hosts or guests and they are able to make payments by different digital currencies such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Tether(USDT).
  • If you have decided to rent out your room or house, you should first register in the Marco application as a host.
  • In the “New Rent” section, you should fill out the required boxes and enter all of your information, such as locating the house and uploading pictures of the accommodation.
  • When you click on Next, the “Booking Price” section will appear. Click on the “select your currency” and choose Marco as a digital currency that you are willing to receive.
    • Note: please pay attention to the service fees
  • Last, You can choose the the regular price, weekend price, minimum stay day and etc.
  • If you have decided to rent a room or a house, you should first register in the Marco application as a guest.
  • Search and choose your destination.
  • Click on the “Filter” and choose Bitcoin as the currency and then arrange the “Price Range”.
  • Insert the checking date and the number of guests and finally click on save.
  • In the “Home” page, you will be able to see the rooms and houses that you can book with Marco.
  • When you find your suitable room/house, you only need to put the checking and checkout date, Extra services that you need and at the end just click on the “Reservation”
  • Now you have successfully reserved a room/house without any laborious process of payment.
Store MRC
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