1How to log it as a Host?
First you should register as a host after you download the Marco App You will need to put your username, email and password. Then, you will receive a verification code on your Gmail.
2Can I change my account password?
Yes, go to your profile press on ‘Change password’.
3How to start a rent?
First click on the rent icon, then add the title, keywords and the property type. Then add the location, city and friendly address.
4What are the categories of the property that I can use?
You should choose whether your property is a house, apartment, studio, hotel, or hotel apartment.
5What are the keywords?
Keywords are the words that you can select of your own property, and they will help the guests to find your property. It considers what your property serves.
6What is a friendly address?
Friendly address is a user-friendly address and easier to access than postal address. But please note that all the details are seen by the public, even if guests don’t book the place every one can see the address.
7What are the required details for a property/ room?
You will be asked to add the total number of guests, the size and number of beds and pictures.
8Where are the available locations for my property?
You can add any property in all over the world.
9Can I do not add a picture of the property?
The answer of this would be no, because when you add a picture you will be clearer and more trustful for the guests.
10What are the available currencies?
You can choose Ethereum (ETH), Marco (MRC), tether (USDT) or bitcoin (BTC).
11Do I need to pay fees for Ethereum (ETH)?
Yes, there is a 5% fee for ETH.
12Do I need to pay fees for Marco (MRC)?
No, MRC has 0% fee.
13Do I need to pay fees for tether (USDT)?
Yes, there is a 5% fee for USDT.
14Do I need to pay fees for bitcoin (BTC)?
Yes, there is a 5% fee for USDT.
15Can I select two currencies?
No, but you can add the same property twice as each for a different currency while you can mention that in the details of the property.
16What is unavailability calendar?
In unavailability calendar, you can mention the days when the property won’t be available for rent.
17What is House rule?
House rules give you as a host the opportunity to professionally and clearly state what the guests can or cannot do during their stay in your property.
18Can I add Extra service?
Yes you can add a service. And you need the title of the service, description, and price. You can also add the number of items if the service needs items.
19Can I put 0 tax cancelation?
You just have to add ‘0’ beside the tax cancelation.
20Can I Change my phone number?
Yes, you can go to you profile, click on personal information, delete your previous number and add your new phone number.
21Can I change details?
Yes, go to rent page click on the (…) on the right and press edit. Then you can choose the section that you want to edit.
22Can I register for Host and guest profiles under the same Gmail?
No, you can’t, you should use different Gmail.
23Can I Change my Name?
Yes, you can go to you profile, click on personal information, delete your previous name and add your new name.
24Does my property need to be confirmed?
No, once you upload your property, it will be on the App and guests can view it.
25When can I receive bookings on my property?
Once you add the property, Guests will be able to view it and you will be able to receive the bookings.
26Can I Change my location?
Yes, you can go to you profile, click on personal information, delete your previous country/Address and add your new country/Address.
27Where can I check the rate of my property?
In the rent page choose the property that you want to check its rate, then from the options choose ‘Metrics’.
28Can the host benefit from the giveback system?
as a host, when you decide to rent out your place with MRC, you will receive at least 5% percent of the total cost.
29How to activate the giveback system?
The giveback system is activated whenever you use MRC to rent your place. You only need to choose MRC to receive MRC benefits as a Host, and you will receive at least 5% of the rented price you requested.

Add a Place as a Host

1How much giveback will I get?
This is the table of MRC giveback percentage:
No. MRC earned Giveback percentage
1 10,000 5%
2 30,000 7%
3 50,000 10%
4 100,000 20%
5 300,000 30%
6 500,000 50%
2When can I benefit from the smart program?
You need to choose MRC to receive MRC benefits as a host. Please note that you can benefit from the smart program only if you use MRC.
3Where can I Add my place for rent?
After you register as a Host and log in, you will have access to the Dashboard, Bookings, Rent and Profile. In the Rent section, you can start adding your place by clicking on “New Rent”.
4Is there any way to complete the “New Rent” section faster?
While you are adding your place as a Host, we advise you to pay attention to the quick tips in the App.
5Is it important that I add Title for my accommodation?
Yes, you are required to name your accommodation as guests can find it easier.
6What is Keyword?
Keywords help Hosts to highlight their places with just a few words and also guests can find a faster and more suitable accommodation with just typing a word.
7Can I add more than one Keyword?
Yes, the more keywords the Host try to add, the easier guests can find the accommodation.
8Where can I specify my property type?
After you register as a Host and click on the “New Rent”, you can will have access to the “General Information”.
9What type of accommodation I can add in as a Host?
You have 5 options: House, Apartment, Studio, Hotel and Hotel Apartment.
10Is there a specific country that a Host cannot add its place?
It is all depends on the Crypto regulation and rules of that country.
11How many countries is listed on Marco App for Hosts to add their place?
There are up to 150 Countries on Marco App.
12Is there a searching engine for the Host to search the Country and the City?
Unfortunately, no. However, the country and city names are in alphabetic order so they are easy to find.
13What is Friendly address?
We advise you to add an address that is more specific. This helps guests to locate your place easier. This is an optional section for hosts to fill in.
14How can I work with the Map on “New Rent - Location” section?
After the Host have insert the country and city name, the Map will automatically move towards to that location.
Note: To zoom in the map, you just have to double tap on the map.
15What should I specify as a Host in “Bedroom” section?
As a Host, you are required to add the “Total Guests” that you are willing to accept to come to your place when they are booking.
16Where can I mention what type of Bed my place has?
You can show the quantity and the type of bed your place has in the App “Bedroom” section. Note: Before you click on “Next”, check your information again.
17How can I add picture for my place?
You can choose your photo either from your Gallery or you just can take a picture with your phone.
18How many photos can I add?
As a Host, you can add photos as many as you want. We advise you to upload photos high quality photos for guests.
19I have uploaded a wrong photo; can I remove it?
Yes, you can. On the top right of the photo, you should be able to see the trashcan item. Click on it and then you can remove your photo.
20What are my currency options to receive as a payment?
You can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT and Marco as your payment option.
21What are the benefits of choosing MRC Token?
We encourage our users, to use MRC Token as their payment option since it has advantages for both Guests and Hosts. When a Host choose MRC Token to receive as a payment, in our Smart Program, we will give back MRC more to the Host. In addition, we do not take any commission fee when Guests use MRC Token. For further information, please visit our Smart Program page.
22What is the difference between “Regular price” and “Weekend price”?
When a Host want to rent out its place during the normal or weekdays, sets a regular price. However, during weekends or public holidays or even vacation seasons, prices can vary and it all depends on the Host.
23What is “Reservation expire after”?
In this section, the Host will clarify when the reservation will be expired. Ex. The Host can specify that the reservation will be canceled in 5 hours if the Guest do not pay the full fee.
24There might be some days that I do not want to rent out my place, what should I do?
When you register as a Host, after completing required boxes in the “New Rent” section, you will access to “Unavailability Calender”, there you can specify which dates you do not want to rent out your place.
25What are the services I can give to the Guest?
You have 7 Sections including Kitchen and dining, Internet and office, Home safety, Heating and cooling, Entertainment, Bedroom and laundry, Bathroom. In these sections, the Host can specify it services.
26The services that are listed in the App are limited; can I add more service?
Yes, you can. In the Extra Service section, you can add any other services with extra fee that you want to provide to your Guests.
27I am very discipline and worry about my house/room to rent out. What should I do?
Each house or any accommodation has it own rules. On Marco App, the Host can write a description and tell the Guests the house rule.
28How is “Cancellation Penalty” in Marco App?
Cancellation penalty depends on the Host. In Marco App, the Host can state how many days before check-in guest can cancel the booking and after that how much s/he should pay as Tax Fine.