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The Application

No one will have trouble accessing the app because it is available for both iOS and Android, and everyone can use the app to rent their places like their house or apartment they can present their place on Marco application and get paid by Cryptocurrencies.
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Be a Host or a Guest

As a Host You can update your calendar, prices and confirm your listing is accurate; When you're ready, you open your property for bookings. So that You can present your place on the Marco application and get paid by Cryptocurrencies. As a guest, there are endless offer reservation options in Marco to guests. You will be able to use the app to rent the places you like, such as a house or apartment.

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Your Wallet

You can rent the place and pay the amount by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and Marco. Marco provides the opportunity for global investors to invest in MRC. So, your MRC Tokens Can Be Sold Globally.
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Zero-Commission Marketplace

On our Application when anyone makes payments with MRC there will be no commission involved. You can always book the place with zero commission while using MRC. While, there is a very low commission for paying with BTC, ETH and USDT. The charge will be only a few percentages and there is a 3% to 5% commission for paying with BTC, ETH, and USDT.

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Reward Program

You can share your favorite places, along with smart tags and photo or video media. The community will reward you for your contributions. Marco App rewards content providers in the form of MRC. The more and better quality the content, the more MRC the creator will be rewarded. Stay tuned for more information.
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Take Back Your Money After Booking With MRC

When you pay the rent with Marco to benefit from the giveback system. You can decide to pay the rent with MRC, 15% of the rent you pay to the host, will be refunded to your wallet.

How Marco Application Works?

a short tour

A Short Tour to The Application

Do you want to travel easily and without the hassle? You want to choose your accommodation with ease and pay with crypto? So just download the Marco application and take a look. View available home and rent one as a guest and add your flat as a host. In the Marco app, it is possible to choose the type of payment currency (BTC, ETH, USDT, MRC) use MRC, and benefit from the giveback and reward system. As a host, rent your home with ease and earn money or as a guest, book your favorite house among the existing houses and get one step closer to starting your dream journey.

to reserve a flat

To Reserve A Flat

You are just a few steps away from choosing and booking your accommodation to start your journey. Check out the existing houses with real photos of them. Get to know your host better and choose the type of Cryptocurrency you want from the Cryptos in the application (BTC, ETH, USDT, MRC) to pay the rent. It is also possible to view the comments of previous guests and make more informed decisions. You can easily book your desired house/flat and cancel your reservation according to the conditions if necessary.

all to set

All to Set

Get in touch and contact your host through the Marco app to share your questions with your host and get his/her advice about where you stay. Lastly, know that our goal is to make your travels carefree from now on and to reduce your travel expenses. Travel Futuristic with Marco Application