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Marco Application is a peer-to-peer app that directly connects Hosts and Guests without the need of middlemen. With the best payment method via different types of Cryptocurrencies. For Hosts, it’s the best way to have some Crypto income and for Guests, it’s beneficial because it reduces the costs during a trip.


Set up a reservation

Organize your reservation efficiently by technology. With a few clicks start to know your Host, get any details that you want from cancellation, read past guest reviews, and more information! After the smart choice, you can pay for your stay using your preferred cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and MRC on the Marco app.


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A perfect and direct connection with your Host for any local recommendations, questions, and advice which help you to choose your best place to stay, is possible via Marco App. With a few clicks you’ve got all you need to know! Also you can reach out to Marco’s customer service any time you want for any extra assistance so easy and simple.

Customer’s Review

Marco From Customer’s Perspective

  •  @abwebwe4
    “Ordinary travelling is fun, good and all - but having #MARCOTRAVELS assists us ensures a happier, safer, smarter, cheaper and fun travelling journey! The BEST! Because #MARCOTRAVELS have it all. I fully recommend.”
  • @TruthSeekerX10
    “Marco! Polo! I travel because it makes me realize how much I haven’t seen, how much I’m not going to see, and how much I still need to see. I can do this with #Marcotravel”
  • @azeezadeoti
    “In this day of One-Click ordering, Marco offer easy mode of payment for their travel online. If you have a travel website, you need a way for people to pay for their travel experiences, looking for a best specialized travel payment? Look no further, Marco is the answer.”
  • @jaycomzy
    “Marco is a company that brings so much excitement to me when I realize it’s efforts and solution to get rid off key problems travelers face in the industry and the innovative idea of traveling worldwide at ease with its unique Marco tokes. #Marcotravel”
  • @Ellasmith
    “Can’t wait to travel this time by Marco. Don’t miss out this chances to travel. This is the best company ever.”
  • @mo_nilz
    “I’m waiting for the day to travel again. But this time with Marco increase your chances of a safe trip by buying Marco tokens, no worries about stealing money or changing it.
  • @Mikeflor1023
    “Excited here to travel with marco! Cheers team!”
  • @officialsaliskhan
    “We love Marco from Africa I am ambassador of Marco in our country Nigeria I will keep advertising Marco.”
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