About marco

Marco will provide a smart-contract based infrastructure that connects all consumers and businesses in the travel industry on a decentralized travel ecosystem that incentivizes content creation, transactions and consent-based sharing of user data.

Ecosystem features

Content Creation Rewards

Through use of smart contracts, content creators will be automatically rewarded when posting quality content voted up by the community.

Zero Commission Market Place

Marco provides a decentralized and commission-free infrastructure for suppliers to list inventory and for customers to complete accommodation bookings, restaurant reservations or tickets for events.

Marco dApp

The Marco dApp is the key application to bring the value of the Marco Protocol to life. It is an example of a dApp using the Marco Protocol with its open API and transparent data access.

Payment Gateway

Handling of online bookings and transactions, including the transfer of Marco to venues for reservations made through the 3rd party app or website.

Channel Management Integration

Major CMS API integration facilitate instant rates and availability confirmations, venue information and promotional pricing retrieval.

Custom Contract API

Developers can create and customize smart contracts from a selection of professionally audited and legally binding Smart Contract templates that will handle common agreements between individuals and venues.

SDK Support for 3rd Party Website & Apps

Third-party developers and businesses can build their own applications on the Marco platform. SDKs simplify the operation and interaction with Marco blockchain and APIs.

Authorship and Ownership Protection

Users and suppliers are empowered because they have control over their information and transactions.

Token Offering Infrastructure

Accessible framework for businesses to tap into the potential of the token economy without the challenging process of developing their own blockchain, industry compatible APIs and building a community.

Problem & Solution


The Perceived Problem
  • The tourism industry is one of the most prevalent markets in the international arena, but it is too centralized.
  • The powerful operating systems and servers are most often monopolized
  • Their financial systems are quite flawed and that causes numerous problems for both either customers as well as the service providers.


The Proposed Solution
  • Implementing travel protocols on smart decentralizing contracts
  • The eradication of monopolized and powerful operating systems
  • Increasing of transparency in financial systems for both the consumers as well as service providers and removing probably obstacles and ambiguities


The Perceived Problem
  • Paying financial profits and commissions to dealers, agents and powerful operating systems that lead to the rise in costs and expenditure


The Proposed Solution
  • Removing the dealers and agents from the equation and replacing it with a direct means of communication among members that would inevitably lead to the significant reduction of costs and expenditure


The Perceived Problem
  • The ever increasing costs of advertisement in this industry that is only spent for the sake of operating systems and their perceived commercialization that does not benefit the tourism industry in any way.


The Proposed Solution
  • In order to create travel agency websites so that content and commercialization could take place, Marco provides the API and that leads to the expansion of public SDK.


The Perceived Problem
  • One of the main issues when it comes to travel is the building of content that provides traveller with a comprehensive analysis and unfortunately the centralized operating systems do not provide much attention to this immediate need when it comes to the travel industry.


The Proposed Solution
  • Marco’s protocol gives content providers exclusive awards for their hard work and their vital contribution to content building on the net.


The Perceived Problem
  • The incapability to satisfy and fulfil the need of the consumers.
  • The lack of integrity, honesty and transparency in collecting the private information of users that is becoming much more widespread nowadays.
  • The incapability of creating trust for the consumers


The Proposed Solution
  • Creating a common travel protocol on the domain of block chain.
  • The ability to see and witness all data transactions in a clear, verifiable and transparent way that would create trust between the consumer and the service provider
  • Marco will not be controlling any of the data, and its transactions in any way or form and all data transactions are shared in real time with the respective consumers and they are able to monitor the transactions or any other form of information that they might have saved and stored.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 35%Token Sale
  • 10%Company Reserve
  • 15%Blockchain Rewards Pool
  • 15%Team and Advisors (3 years vesting)
  • 25%Ecosystem
  • 10%Advisory
  • 20%Operational expenses
  • 20%Marketing
  • 50%R&D and platform development

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Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Marco Decentralized App

the decentralized database of location-based information about hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, museums and other travel and lifestyle venues.


The Marco App is the key application to bring the value of the Marco Network to life. It is an example of a DApp on the Marco protocol, using its open API and transparent data access

Zero-commission marketplace

The Marco dApp serves to upstart the ecosystem, by forging a content platform with a powerful incentive scheme, a zero-commission marketplace for business venues and an advertising model that rewards users.

Decentralized database

The Marco App allows users to access the decentralized database of location-based information about hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, museums and other travel and lifestyle venues.

Content Creation Rewards

Through use of smart contracts, content creators will be automatically rewarded when posting quality content voted up by the community. users are encouraged to share quality reviews with the community in exchange for MRC tokens.


Our team is striving hard to reach our goals and fulfill our vision

2019 Q1
  • Inception of Marco project
  • Define the App Concept
  • Manage the dApp Project
  • The Hiring Process
  • Platform Framework
2019 Q2
  • Strategic Inetgrations
  • Strategic partnership
  • Preparations for Bounty program
  • The team for project implement
  • building the dApp Concept
2019 Q3
  • Marco dApp core Alpha development phase 1
  • Preparing Marco dApp core phase 2
  • Version 1.0 (White-paper Release)
2019 Q4
  • Marco dApp core Alpha development phase 2
  • Testing Version Alpha Marco dApp core
  • Early Token Distribution to pre-ICO buyers
  • First Bonus Distirbution
2020 Q1
  • Website and Announcement changes
  • Marco ICO Round 1 and 2
  • Airdrop program
  • Bounty Programm
  • Final development phase Marco dApp core Alpha
  • Cooperation with ICO listing sites for listings
2020 Q2
  • Marco ICO Round 3 and 4
  • Airdrop Program
  • Bounty Program
  • Version 1.1(White-Paper Release)
  • Public presentation
  • Initialization of Marco dApp Alpha Core Upgrades
  • Public Crowdsale
  • Social Media Integration
2020 Q3
  • Global Meetup
  • Marco ICO Round 4 and 5
  • Marco dApp ios and android projection
  • preparations for IEO
2020 Q4
  • Dedicated Wallet Introduction
  • Testing Marco dApp Core
  • Preparing Marco dApp Version Alpha
  • Cooperation with Exchanges for Listing
  • IEO on leading Exchanges
2021 Q1
  • Marco Token Distirbution
  • Launch of Marco dApp version Alpha
  • Core Integration with Marco dApp platforms
  • Marco (MRC) official listing on partner exchanges on March 2021
2021 Q2
  • New Listing
  • initialization of Marco dApp Beta Core Upgrades
  • first Marco Charity Event
2021 Q3
  • New Features and Portfolios
  • Version Beta Roadmap announcement
2021 Q4
  • Testing Marco dApp Beta Core Upgrades
  • Version 1.2 (White-Paper Release)
  • Go Live with first partners
2022 Q1
  • Beta Core integration with Marco dApp
  • Launch of Marco dApp alpha version Beta
  • Preparing Marco dApp Version Beta
  • Cooperation with Exchange for Listings
2022 Q2
  • Public presentation
  • Core Upgarde from Beta to Xi
  • Develop new partnerships
  • New listing
2022 Q3
  • Second Marco Charity Event
  • Launch of Marco dApp version Beta
2022 Q4
  • Launching Marco dApp Beta to Xi Core Upgrade
  • Marco dApp Officially launch as an independent business entity with dedicated headquarters in the USA, EU Middle East,Africa, South America, and Pacific


Marco has been published on several stablished news outlets

Team member

Marco is a decentralized autonomous organization and all its financial transactions are transparent and its rules and regulations are confined and controlled by a smart contract in the realm of block chain.The company is based on transparency that exists in the realm of block chain and its management benefits from this transparency as well and therefore utilizes technology of blockchain and expertise to rid itself from the dependency to mere human resources for its managerial affairs using a smart contract.

Moe Farmani
Eric Meier
Irina Cheah
Reza Rostami
Lee Lau
Mojtaba Sharif
Project Manager
Hussein Alnajim
Dr. Alireza Manzour
Public Relation
Bengisu Baysal
Digital Marketing Manager
Maryam Asgari
Executive Manager
Dr. Brayan Schwars
Adviser & Investor
Mohammad Saadat
DevOps Engineer
Nagham Nakrour
Content Director
Sadra Samadi
Full-stack Developer
Eduardo Ortiz
Buisness Analyst
Parisa Zareh
Social Manager
Amir Farmanesh
Business Development Manager
Melody Karam
Social Media Manager
Saeed Karam
Research & Development
Melati Rahman
Adminstrative Assistant
Salar Golshani
Graphic Design Manager
Cem Taskin
Social Media Admin
Liam Larsen
UI/UX Designer
Amira Berrada
Legal Consultant
Hani Kamali
Executive Communication Manager
Binita Patel
Crypto Journalist
Hassan Farmanesh
Area Manager
Po Yu Lin
Quality Engineer
Elijah Molina
Finance Manager
Armin Safa
Social Analyst
Daan Bakker
Graphic Design Assistant



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Frequently asked questions

Below we have provided a detailed description of ICO, the ICO Token, a comprehensive account of Cryptocurrencies and much more. If you have any follow up questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Marco is very popular entity because it provides services in the field of the tourism and the travel industry. Significantly, the travel industry is one of the world's largest vertical markets, valued remarkably at the staggering rate of over $ 8 trillion. The next point is that the process announced in White paper is going well.

It is a startup investment. To globalize their idea, startups offer their crypto currency in advance (below price) so that they can raise demand and have their idea accepted and well received around the world. So one by one, if these startups can do the process of reaching their White Paper, They can be very profitable for those who have invested.

All jobs related to the tourism industry can be used by Marco in order to excel and progress.

You can access the information and resume of Marco's developers and technical team by visiting Marco's main site.

When 10 to 30 percent of intermediaries' profits are eliminated by the company's policy, travelers can do all their travel services without paying extra (zero percent fee). Marco has also provided special gifts for its users to encourage them to use the app. Users can get gifts with activities such as hotel reservations, plane tickets, commenting, etc. in the Marco currency app.

According to the facilities that Marco provides to consumers during the trip; they can easily and conveniently perform their travel services at the lowest possible cost and without intermediaries; these services can include hotel reservations; buy plane tickets; accommodation restaurants and much more. When you use Marco currency for your travels, the important thing is that you no longer need an airline office to provide your travel services. Therefore, what is fascinating is the sheer fact that the fee is zero and you can book your travel services for real money without any intermediaries. For example, when you plan to travel and choose a hotel, the actual amount of that room is $ 130, but when an intermediary called the Travel Agency intervenes to book a hotel, the amount becomes $ 160 and that extra cost is exactly what Marco will help you not only save but invest. It may have happened to you that before traveling the travel agency, you chose a photo of a very good hotel for accommodation and did your day, but when you went to that hotel, you came across another scene and the photo of that room came true. It's completely different; Marco solves this problem because all the information about the tourism industry is to be recorded on the block chain platform where no changes are possible and your experience will be as genuine as possible. In addition to creating a convenient and easy platform to serve travelers through the app, Marco gives all of them a gift just for choosing the Marco app to travel to the Marco token. Users can get gifts with activities such as hotel reservations, plane tickets, commenting, etc. in the Marco currency app.

Marco is stored on the block chain platform, which makes all tourist information and data visible and unobtrusive. Moreover, Marco is a travel protocol and in the future has an application related to tourists and travelers. Marco app; The core value of the Marco Protocol is that in the future, travelers can use the app to do all their travel services without the need for travel agencies. Marco provides all services related to travel, including hotel reservations, plane tickets, car rentals, Toro restaurants, etc., for users.

If we have the knowledge to use crypto currencies in the world of cryptocurrency science, we can easily use them and meet our needs without using paper money. However, the majority of people are still involved in paper money. Marco has an internal exchange in its application, and that means that you can easily convert Marco into recognizable crypto currencies. It also has the ability to convert crypto currency into fiat (currencies such as dollars, pounds, euros,…

Since Marco is a service provider and provides services to the public, it has made it possible for investors to invite those around them to Marco at the ICO stage. When you represent Marco; You have a unique referral link for yourself, through which you can invite your friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Marco has an internal exchange in its application that you can easily convert Marco into recognizable digital currencies. It also has the ability to convert crypto currency into fiat (currencies such as dollars, pounds, euros ......).

On the main site of Marco, all the teams have been identified, and their resumes are clearly visible and verifiable to the public. You can visit us at Marco’s Official Site and view their resumes, research and view their work history for both your study and pleasure. We are honored to serve you at Marco and make our world a better place and certainly a more convenient place to travel, dine and enjoy.

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